Black Garlic Mayo


What happens when Mayo meets Black Garlic? The result is deep and umami-rich with a delicate aftertaste of black garlic that tastes even better from the classic mayo, and replaces it in all the uses you can imagine.
Black garlic completes the taste palette of the Mayo, giving natural richness and depth without any further flavor enhancers or additives. Apart from burgers and sandwiches, try Black Mayo in salads, using it plain or as a base for salad dressings. Mix one part of Mayo with two parts of grated yellow cheese as a gooey filling for an omelete, or a grilled cheese sandwich. Try replacing egg wash with Black Mayo for a handy and golden crusted anything, or marinade chicken to give an extra shiny and deep colour to fried, oven baked or grilled chicken.
Tip: Pair it with fried cod, for an easy, modern, rich and elegant M-ayoli!

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