Cretan Harvest EVOO – 250ml / 500ml / 5L

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Cretan Harvest is an extra virgin olive oil produced in the small village of Neo Chorio in the area of Apokoronas in Crete. It is a hilly area, known for its high quality olive oil production, where the cultivation of olive trees and the processing of olive oil has taken place for thousands of years. Indeed, testament to this tradition stands a 3,000 year old olive tree at Samonas on the island of Crete.

In the Apokoronas region, the traditional variety of olive tree cultivated by local olive growers is the Koroneiki. This specific variety of olive tree bears very small fruits which produce olive oil of premium quality known for its flavour, fruity aroma and excellent nutritional composition.

The extra virgin olive oils from this region have unique taste and exceptional quality which comes from the make up of the local soil (rocky and dry) as well as from the climate in the Apokoronas region (dry and sunny). This is particularly the case in autumn, the season during which the olive fruit increases its oil content.

Every autumn at Cretan Harvest the olives are carefully and lovingly picked, with only the best olive fruits selected. These olives are collected at the optimal stage of maturation in order to achieve the best aromatic qualities possible and to maximise the nutritionally beneficial components of the oil, including high levels of polyphenols.

The collection of olives during the harvest is done wholly by hand and the extraction of olive oil takes place on the same day. The temperature during olive oil extraction is kept strictly below 27οC (cold extraction) in order to maintain the highest possible quality. The olive oil is then bottled, using state-of-the-art equipment, in purpose-built, dark coloured glass bottles and tin cans which protect the product from sunlight and oxidation – this is a very important step in order to make sure that this premium extra virgin olive oil’s unique characteristics are preserved on their journey from the Cretan Harvest olive groves to your plate

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